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When developing and running our brain training companies, LearningRx (US) and BrainRx (Global), We would often ask ourselves what more could be done to help our youth be happy and successful? And although our programs get tremendous improvements and results – we also know that just having the ability to do – isn’t always enough

It’s possible to:

  • be able to do - but not want to
  • be able to do - but never take the first step and do it
  • be able to do - but not master it because of no practice
  • be able to do – but not persevere to completion
  • be able to do – but not make it a habit.

Yes, even if we have the skills to do - there are many potential reasons we don't. 


That is what Brain Wise Life is all about.
We’re dedicated to helping people, particularly children, and teens, succeed in all areas of life. Sure,
they get instruction in reading, writing, and arithmetic in school – but how about some of these areas?

  •     Relationships 
  •     Money – earning, spending, savings, investing
  •     Habits – how to stop bad ones and start good ones
  •     Planning and setting goals - for the year and future
  •     Values and principles - that can make life happier
  •     Purpose – having a sense of why we are here
  •     Motivation/Drive/Grit – making things happen
  •     Responsibility - being captain of our own ship

How can we better teach them to operate with a strong set of these tools? I think we’re all in agreement that the better our kids understand and practice these behaviors, the better, easier, and more successful their lives will be.

Again, that is what Brain Wise Life is all about – helping you help your kids and teens gain and grow in these skills and behaviors.

Before we started Brain Wise Life, we researched and synthesized the best strategies for overcoming
the most common problems and obstacles that children and teens face. In some cases, we have
discovered programs that do a great job of putting it together. In others, we haven’t – so we created
those programs or courses for you.

We have evaluated many online courses. And for many of them, the content is not the main problem.
Most programs have two problems:

1. Retention help is NOT built-in and therefore there is a low memory of the content
2. Accountability is almost non-existent - only 8 to 25% of students complete online courses

The courses we recommend or create will be different in two important ways:

1. We want to focus on accountability (Completing the courses)
2. We want to encourage retention (Ensuring that what is learned is remembered!)

We are experts at both accountability and retention and use our experience, research, and knowledge to
make our courses and training programs unmatched.

Brain Wise Life is dedicated to providing great content, encouraging retention processes, and requiring
accountability, and we are here to help you! Are you ready?

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