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The world needs that!

I’ve always loved working with kids. I may have been the
world’s first pediatric eye doctor. I started preschools and
elementary schools, learning centers, my kids (and now
grandkids) joined me in business. Even today, in my
seventies, I see all my kids and most of my 15 grandkids

every week. The whole family takes one out of the country
trips each year together and during the year multiple buddy
trips (two grandkids).
Grandparenting is a high priority for my wife and I - and we
love it.

Our Vision

Helping Children Succeed

We also do projects together – like the book we just finished
(questions and answers covering the major stories and
teaching in each chapter of the Bible) - or like the
individualized bucket list we created on Jan 1 st with a check-
off form and awards for those that achieved a high
percentage by years end.
When developing and running LearningRx and BrainRx, our
brain training programs located throughout the world – I
often ask – what more can I do to help these kids be
happy and successful? And although our programs get
tremendous changes and improvements – I also know that
just having the ability to do – isn’t enough!
It’s possible to:
be able to do - but not want to
be able to do - but not have someone to do it with
be able to do – but not enjoy it
be able to do - but never take the first step and do it
be able to do - but not master because of no practice
be able to do – but not persevere to completion
be able to do – but not make it a habit
be able to do - but never plan out how or when
be able to do – but can’t afford to
be able to do – but not understanding what you’re doing

Yes, even if we have the skills to do – there are many
potential reasons we don’t.


That is what Brian Wise Life is all about.
Helping people, particularly children and teens, succeed
in all areas of life.

Yes, there are those who will help in many areas – but
some areas of life – we just hope our kids somehow get it.
Yes, we expect them to get instruction in writing and
math from school – but how about some of these areas?

Money – earning, spending, savings, investing
Habits – how to stop bad ones and start good ones
Planning and setting goals - for the year and future
Values and principles - that can make life happier
Purpose – having a sense of why we are here
Motivation/Drive/Grit – making things happen
Responsibility – being captain of our own ship

We could go on – but I think we all get it – we hope our
kids learn these – and we hope it’s not with a lot of pain.
But, do they really operate with a strong set of these
tools? Don’t we all agree, that the better our kids
understand and practice these behaviors – the better and
easier their life will be?
Again, that is what Brain Wise Life is all about – helping
you help your kids and teens gain and grow in these skills
and behaviors.

So, Tanya and I decided to turn the most common
problems children and teens are having (that are not learning
based or very server behaviors problems) and research and
synthesize the best strategies. In some cases we have
discovered people and programs that have it all put together.
In others, we’ll create it - and then make it available in pre-
recorded instructional videos. The course we recommend or
create will be different in two important ways. First: where
and when necessary – accountability. Second: retention! We
are turning our experience, research, and knowledge into
very needed and highly retained online courses.
Recently we took on a one-on-one pilot project – the results
have been remarkable. (A HS student in Jan 2020 with 72
incomplete assignments and only one of seven classes above
a D- and within 3 months he was passing all classes with
only one class grade below a B). It can be done! (this
student’s brain skills were unrelated to his performance – but
his motivation and habits sure were!)

We have evaluated many online courses. And for many of
them the content is OK – content is not the main problem.
But most have these two problems: 1) retention help is NOT
built in and therefore low retention of content and 2)
accountability is almost non-existent. (That’s part of the
reason why only 8 to 25% of students complete on-line

So that’s our difference. Great content, Retention processes,
and required accountability!

Compare this course value equation

Course cost $300

Upon completing only 20% of the content is retain
Value received: 20% of $300 = $60
Upon completing 75% of content is retain
Value received: 75% of $300 = $225

(the second course is worth almost 4 times the first course)

I know, most parents/grandparents, just want their kids to
be happy and successful – and you might ask – why should I
worry about the value received in a course! Here is why.
#1: it’s your $ - and want to get the greatest return possible
#2: being satisfied with minimal results leads to average or
worst – and that should be unacceptable (the world today is
far more competitive)

We tend to see things through our own filters. If you’re a
dentist – you think of head pain as something to do with the
teeth, as an eye doctor as something to do with the eyes,
and as a chiropractor, pediatrician, audiologist, or neurologist
- something else. This is normal – and it’s why it’s good to
step back and see it from 30,000 feet. Get out of our mindset
and be open to a reevaluation. Yes, get a bigger picture.
We are here to help YOU. And we’re just getting started with
our offerings. Let us help guild you to find the right and best
help. Are you ready?

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About Ken & Tanya

Ken and Tanya have helped over 100,000 people in
46 countries to make their lives more successful and


Our work has been cited in over XX publications
including XX, XX, XX. Dr. Gibson has been listed as
one of five of the all time thought leaders in XXX..
Ken also is father to 5 and grandfather to 16 (Tanya
has five kids ages 11 to 19). young children and runs
her 7-figure education company from the spare
room in her outback Australian home.

Using Ken's tried and tested step-by-step system,
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