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We have been trusted by over 100,000 families in over 46 countries to help them make life easier, happier, and better for their children.

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Wouldn’t You Like Your Family Excited About Life Each Day?

The world needs that!

I’ve always loved working with kids. I may have been the world’s first pediatric eye doctor. I started preschools and elementary schools, learning centers, my kids (and now grandkids) joined me in business.

Even today, in my 
seventies, I see all my kids and most of my 15 grandkids every week. The whole family takes one out-of-the-country trip each year together and during the year multiple buddy trips (two grandkids).

Grandparenting is a high priority for my wife and I and we love it.

Our Vision

Helping Teens Succeed

We also do projects together – like the book we just finished (questions and answers covering the major stories and teaching in each chapter of the Bible) - or like the individualized bucket list, we created on Jan 1 st with a check-off form and awards for those that achieved a high percentage by years end.

When developing and running LearningRx and BrainRx, our brain training programs located throughout the world – I often ask – what more can I do to help these kids be happy and successful? And although our programs get tremendous changes and improvements – I also know that just having the ability to do – isn’t enough!

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Your Epic Success System (YESS)

YESS - Online Course.

In this course, your teen will learn behavior and life skills that they need - to succeed in school, relationships, and life.

We know how powerful the right attitude and behaviors can be for our teens. How it will impact their future career, income, self-confidence, and the life they will live. 

But the YESS course is Different in 3 important ways:

1) Targeted Content: that has been synthesized from the best research, studies, and practice.

2) Accountability: to a coach for clarity of concepts - BUT most of all to ensure completion of the course (average online courses have a 15% completion rate)

3) Retention: to remember and use the concepts learned - (most online course rate is 25% after 5 days). Our target is 3 times that - using procedures and processes we developed as founders and past CEO of LearningRx and BrainRx (the world's leading one-on-one brain training company.

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Happy and Successful Teen

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Featuring Dr. Ken Gibson founder of the largest personal brain training company in the world, and his daughter, mom of four, and co-developer of brain training programs that have helped thousands of teens around the world.

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About Ken & Tanya

Ken and Tanya have helped over 100,000 people in 46 countries to make their lives more successful and happier.

Our work has been cited in over XX publications including XX, XX, XX. Dr. Gibson has been listed as one of five of the all-time thought leaders in XXX.

Ken also is a father to 5 and a grandfather to 16 (Tanya has five kids ages 11 to 19). young children and runs her 7-figure education company from the spare room in her outback Australian home.

Using Ken's tried and tested step-by-step system, even the newest entrepreneurs, traditional businesses and even complete non-techies can quickly and easily
create a profitable online course that can impact millions and create a life and business that they love.

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