Put a smile and a skip in your child's or grandchild's step with a Word of Wisdom Nugget each day.


This is FREE & each is illustrated for greater understanding & retention. 

Hi, I’m Ken Gibson, a few years ago I put together a collection of short proverbs (sayings, thoughts, nuggets) that I had written or found and gave them to my grandkids. I hoped that by reading and thinking about them - their life would be easier and better.
Here is part of the introduction of the short book I wrote to them:

Kids, I love you. These proverbs and sayings are here to help you live a better and more meaningful life. Some are paraphrases of scripture, but many are restated saying I’ve heard over the years that will make your lives better as you apply them. I've focused on seven key areas of our lives (the Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Vocational, Relationships, Emotions, and Finances)

As you read each one, let me suggest that you think about what it means and see if you can restate it another way - maybe even come up with a story/parable  that illustrates the ones you find most important. Someday you can tell that story to your children or grandkids!

I love you and trust that these nuggets will help you live a God honoring and great life!

Love Grandpa Gibson

P.S. As long as you seek to apply these principles in your life - I grant you the right to hold me accountable for following the principles too - so that when you find me failing - you can help me. Again, love Grandpa



These nuggets will help the reader: 

- Be more productive

- Use time wisely 

- Make positive changes

- Save effort - make things easier

- Reinforce good values 

- Instill high performance levels

- Promote good character traits

- Increase knowledge & understanding

- Walk in integrity and justice

- Realize what is of value in life

- Find that wisdom is wealth

- Practicing these will give you happiness and longer life

- They will prevent difficult situation & reduces failure

- You will become discerning 

- Have the ability to make good decisions in life

- You’ll tolerate uncertainty - remain optimistic

- And be able to judge what is truth and right

A Gift That Cost Nothing,

But is Priceless

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