About the Brain Wise Life Team

Dr. Ken Gibson, Tanya Mitchell, and Zac Hanson

This father and daughter team has worked together over 25 years, with grandson/nephew Zac recently joining them. They had developed the world’s #1 Brain Training program and are now dedicated to providing families help and guidance with their children’s motivation and habit struggles. Here is a picture of the whole family on Ken's and Sharon's 50th wedding anniversary. (We circled Ken, Tanya & Zac in the picture)  

Dr. Ken Gibson:

"I remember when I stayed after school in second grade because I struggled to read. I would much rather play than go to school. But I just kept plugging away and later found my niche and in time developed the most powerful brain training program in the world – with unmatched results.
In the fifty years I’ve worked with students and adults struggling to learn – I could see that they had other problems as well – like motivation, lacked goals, poor habits, and not taking responsibility, to name a few. That is why, after turning my brain training program over to two of my kids, I, with the help of my daughter (Tanya) and a few grandkids, have taken on a new challenge to help kids and teens be happier and more successful – Brain Wise Life!"

Tanya Mitchell:

"I really enjoy working with my father. He has so much experience and wisdom. He started as a pediatric eye doctor, and because of his interest in education - starting a small chain of preschools, a grade school, a multi-discipline learning center, taught in both high school and college. But because of the struggles that he saw students having while they were trying to learn – he left his practice to develop a cognitive (brain) training programs now used around the world and in over 20 languages. I’ve been working alongside him. One thing you can be sure of, Dad will make sure that what is taught - is retained! (We know that less than 15% of most programs are remembered after 4 days – and our goal is over 80%). Just to illustrate - click on the video below and watch grandchild # 14, list the presidents - 4 days after being taught them by his father (my brother) in about 2 hours using one of my Dad’s techniques."

Zac Hanson:

"I joined my aunt and my grandfather in this new venture to help teens and young people overcome their struggles. i really enjoy the enthusiasm my family has for business, travel, and encouraging each other. I spent my college years in Australia attending Hillsong International Leadership College. I learned much about the bible and a biblical take on effective leadership. My family has always been in the business of helping children and improving their lives. Now I get to join in on that vision and help young people to thrive."


"Yes, you can see – we’ve got a passion for kids and learning!!”

While there are other courses and programs already out there that can help, knowing which are the best
and provide the greatest value can be difficult for parents.

That is our mission. When we find something that is really needed that is not out there, we’ll create it
ourselves using the same demand for excellence we used when creating our brain training programs.
What’s more, we’ll ensure that it’s world-class, gets unmatched outcomes, and is affordable!

Our brain training business went from:

● One to hundreds of locations in 46 countries
● One basic cognitive program to training in reading, math, comprehension, and study skills
● Only students to now adults, seniors, and those with Traumatic Brain Injury
● Problems with learning, attention, and memory, to dyslexia, dementia, and traumatic injury

All with unmatched results!

We believe that some of the MOST IMPORTANT skills are not taught or developed in school and may
be missed at home. Skills like attention, memory, logic, visual, and auditory processing can be trained in
braining training centers. But where is there effective help with behavior skills like motivation, purpose,
responsibility, and habits? Or training in dealing with people, money, and work/school? These life skills
are often overlooked.

Our mission is to provide families with help in those areas when needed - by providing unmatched
content and training that is cost-effective, retained, and makes measurable changes in lives.

Let us hold your hand, guide, and support you on this journey.

Dr.Ken Gibson: Internationally Acclaimed & Award-Winning Learning & Education Expert

  • Father of 5 great kids and grandfather of 16 wonderful grandkids
  • Founder and Past CEO of LearningRx & LearningRx Franchise System
  • Has helped over 100,000 people in over 46 countries to learn easier, faster, and better
  • Founder and developer of BrainRx (overseas cognitive training centers)
  • Founder and developer of PACE (Processing and Cognitive Enhancement) programs
  • Founder and developer of VIP (Visual Information Program) program (used by over 300 doctors in the US)
  • Founder and Past CEO of the Eye Care Centers
  • Listed as one on the “5 most influential people in the field of visual processing”
  • Founder and developer of The Learning Center (a multiple discipline learning remedial center)
  • Founder and developer of HoneyRock (a small chain of preschools)
  • Served on local public-school boards and private school boards
  • Founder and principle of FVCA (a private 1-8 grade school)
  • CEO and developer of EyeMate (practice management software)
  • Served as an elected representitive at two levels in Wisconsin
  • Hosted “Consider the Evidence” radio program about science and the Bible
  • Published 2 books “The Edison Inside” and “The Purpose Directed Business” and three others soon to be published


Also, download e-copies of ALL of my published books. Over 100,000 students from over 46 countries have benefited from Dr. Ken’s program giving an average satisfaction rating of 9.6 out of 10!  

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