Amazing Help for Your Kids and Teens about Gaining Financial Freedom And Why I Believe You Should Get It

I’m the grandfather of 16 kids between the ages of 4 and 24 – and I’ve found a course that you should know about.


Financial Freedom for Kids & Teens

Every child and teen should have this, consume this, and practice its lessons. It will make their life so much easier and better. It could be a benefit to your own retirement plan (having grown kids that don’t need your funds).

I’m talking about lessons about money. Learning about it. Earning it. Growing it. And using it for their benefit and others.

In the last two years I created two workshops for my own kids, grandkids and friends (see picture). The first was about the best ways to earn money and the second about how best to grow the money you make.

A few weeks ago, I added on my list of things to do this year (I’m 75) – was to update my workshops “Kids Teens & Money” and sell it on the internet. But during my research – I found a new online program that does exactly what I wanted to create. So why reinvent?

Instead, I asked my oldest grandson to take a sneak peek at it and tell me what he thought. He did, and now we are partnering on this adventure to get it to as many families as we can.

So why should you take my advice and look closely at this course? Fair question!

So here is a very short version of my story and answer.

In the past year I turned over my brain training company (helping those with learning problems, dyslexia, traumatic brain injury, ADHD, etc.) to two of my kids. The training is available in over 500 locations in over 30 countries and parts of the programs are in over 19 languages.

I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life - from a 5 kids lawns cutting business in grade school; a crew of 6 painting houses in high school; 16 apt buildings by age 23; taught HS; 6 location pediatric eyecare practice; small chain of preschools; practice management software; private grade school; two books; and then, the worldwide cognitive skills/brain training and testing company.

In short, my grandkids (and your kids or grandkids) need to know the best proven principles about acquiring, investing, and using money. Yes, about financial freedom! And they need to learn it in a fun, non-boring way - geared to their age. That is what I found and why I’m inviting you to watch a free webinar.  


Ken Gibson

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