In "Your Epic Success System" (YESS) online course, your teen will learn...

behavior and life skills that they need - to succeed in school, relationships, and life.

We know how powerful the right attitude and behaviors can be for our teens. How it will impact their future career, income, self-confidence, and the life they will live. 

But the YESS course is Different in 3 important ways:

1) Targeted Content - that has been synthesized from the best research, studies, and practice.

2) Accountability  - to a coach for clarity of concepts - BUT most of all to ensure completion of the course (average online courses have a 15% completion rate)

3) Retention - to remember and use the concepts learned - (most online course rate is 25% after 5 days). Our target is 3 times that - using procedures and processes we developed as founders and past CEO of LearningRx and BrainRx (the world's leading one-on-one brain training company.

The Your Epic Success System teaches  and practices how to develop the following:

  • Purpose (Beliefs, Values, Mindset, Principles)
  • Goals & Planning
  • Motivation (Grit, Determination, Persistence)
  • Responsibility
  • Taking Action
  • Habits (Practice & Mastery)

The YESS program not only provides instruction in these behaviors, but because of our proprietary processes (method of training), and required accountability - improved behaviors are put into practice, become habit, and your teen life will be enriched. 


Weekly calls with one of our coaches that will help your teen clarify concepts, complete assignments, and reach their goals. 

Engaging Content

Content that was built to be easy and engaging to understand. To help your teen understand and buy into these principles.

Superior Retention

We use learning processes  that both increase the speed of learning and retention of the content - 300 to 400% higher. (learn why we are able to do this at About Us).

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This 10 week YESS program (course content and accountability coaching) can drastically impact the success and happiness of your teenager. Start Now! 

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Key benefits from this course

  • Accountability Coach
  • Develop self-motivation and self-discipline
  • Helps teens develop and stick to healthy habits
  • Teaches "how to" and encourages achievement of objective
  • Saves money – compared to professional consulting
  • Saves time – no travel
  • "How to" monitor and correct your behavior problems
  • Reevaluation of values and priorities
  • Self evaluation of behaviors
  • Usability – easy/intuitive to use
  • Productivity – get maximum gain for time and effort
  • Sustainability – rehearsal built into instruction
  • Transformation – change in positive direction
  • Content what will inspire
  • Mobility – do anywhere
  • Reduces risk – feel safer (than in a group setting)
  • Entertainment – engaging
  • Performance – tools to measure improvement
  • Retention of concepts: 2 to 3 times normal using our visualization process
  • Value – is through the roof with 2 - 3 times retention
  • Quality – content was synthesized from the best  research, studies, and practice
  • Availability – at your convenience
  • Short segments: to keep attention – retain information – less need to relearn
  • Well organized: to cut down on confusion – better understand – easier to apply
  • Grows mastery over behaviors

Help your teen achieve their goals

Being a teen is stressful. School, work, sports—how to handle it all can be daunting to a young adult. The trick is creating a way to manage life that feels natural and fun.
We are passionate about the difference YESS coaching makes in the lives of young people. 

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